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My Dark Horses


My Dark Horses

My Dark Horses

A new collection of works, available now! 

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A Box
All those years
of trying to understand
which of this is her,
which of this is me?
Getting at the truth
was always so confusing
amidst her craziness;
how to separate?
And though the shrink said
Put her in a box—
I never quite could
until that Saturday
when the doorbell rang:
and there stood a man
thin and bedraggled,
dripping in the rain.
He held a clipboard,
a small warped box,
containing my mother
or rather her remains.
Sign here, he said,
and handed me the box.
Funny how this came
surprisingly unbidden,
though I’ve often wondered
if in a weak moment
I didn’t wish for this.
But now that it’s here
what am I to do
except to hold it close,
feel its roughness
up against my cheek,
smell that terrible smell
of factory cardboard
now finally between us.











Upcoming Events

Jan 22: Literary Salon, Seaside, Florida

May 9: Liverpool University Press Book Launch and reading
May 10: Reading and presentation at the Liverpool Atheneum
May 11: Reading at York St. John University, York
May 13: The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge Yorkshire
May 16: Reading at Albion Beatnik Bookstore, Oxford
May 17: Lunchtime Reading at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
May 18: Daunt Books, Cheapside, London
May 21: Torriano Meeting House, London
May 23: CB1 Poetry, CB2 Cafe, Cambridge
May 24: Pighog Poetry Reading, Nightingale Room, Brighton
May 26: Reading at Keats House, Hamstead, London
May 27: Reading at the Poetry Cafe, London

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March 18: The Poetry Society of Colorado, Lakewood Colorado.

April 26: Alpine Arts Center, middle school writing workshop

June 27: The Bookworm of Edwards, Edwards, Colorado.

July 15: Walking Mountain Science Center, children's nature writing workshop

July 19-23: Writing the Rockies Conference at Western Colorado State University

Summer 2017: The Rocky Mountain Land Library. (Date TBD)




Selected Publications

Liverpool University Press, (Pavilion Poetry) My Dark Horses, April 2017.

Tall-lighthouse Publishing, The Humane Society, November 2012

The Best Australian Poems of 2015, “Oblivion.”

The Best Australian Poems of 2011, “The Humane Society.”

PN Review: “Caprice for Violin,” “Mother’s Tomato Plants,” “Mother’s Wrists,” Winter 2016

The New Criterion, “Ruts.”

The Rialto: "Horse Bones,"  "History Class," November 2016; “How to Fry a Chicken,” June 2015

The Manhattan Review: “A Box,” Fall 2016

Westerly: “Zero Hour,” Fall 2015

The Poetry Review: “He’s,” Fall 2015; “Splitting and Fucking,” Summer 2014

Australian Book Review: “A Box,” Fall 2015

Drunken Boat: “Draft of a Dream,” issue 23, 2015

The Evansville Review: “The Sound of Scissors,” Winter 2015

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The Reader: “The Talking Tree,” “Taking my Mother to England,” Fall 2013

The Manchester Review: “The Humane Society,” Romancing Herself,” Fall 2013

Ambit: “Green,” “Skyping with my Mother,” Fall 2013

The Warwick Review: “Little Serenade,” “Mother’s Persian Rugs,” Fall 2013; “Migraine,” “My Mother’s Will  Emailed in pdf,” Fall 2011

Poet Lore: “Metronomes,” Spring 2012

Poetry New Zealand: “The Glass Elephants,” Spring 2012

Poetry Ireland Review: “Victoria Park,” Fall 2011



First Storm
When it first stormed in Costa Rica
I knew there was nothing I could do.
Our little yellow house started leaking,
all our fruit trees were losing their fruit.
The pink heliconia were battered,
the banana leaves swirled in the rain.
Where was my husband? That didn’t matter,
our tiny yellow house was starting to shake.
So I did the only thing I know,
I dragged out a chair and opened a beer,
knowing destruction will do what it will do—
I sat back, and watched what was here.



Awards & Residencies

Awards & Residencies

Residencies & Awards

Escape2Create, Seaside, Florida, Artist in Residence, January 2017

The Morris Squire Foundation, Santa Barbara, California, Artist in Residence: September, 2016

Varda Artist’s Residency, Sausalito, California, May 2016

Click here for an article Jodie wrote about her experience on the SS Vallejo

Rivendell Writers Colony: Lisa Percy fellowship, Sewanee, Tennessee, February, 2016

Artist in Residence: Stanley, Idaho, April, 2015

The MacDowell Colony: Peterborough, New Hampshire, February-March, 2015

Chateau de la Napoule: Nice, France, October-November, 2014

The Betsy Hotel, Writer-in-residence, Miami, Florida, January, 2014

Virginia Center for the Creative Arts: Amherst, Virginia, July, 2014

Cil Rialaig Arts Foundation: Kerry, Ireland, June, 2014

Hawthornden Fellowship: Midlothian, Scotland, March-April, 2013

Wilfred Owen Association: Full bursary at Ty Newydd Centre, Wales, August, 2012

Grace Marion Wilson Trust: Rosebank Writer’s Bursary, Australia, July, 2011

Fulbright Fellowship for Study of Literature and Education in South Africa, 2007

National Endowment for the Humanities, award for study of Dante in Siena, Italy, 2005






The underlying emotional urgency of Jodie Hollander's poems is undeniable - but it's their tone that makes them unignorable. This meeting of searing family dysfunction and poignant metaphor with her matter-of-fact American vernacular strikes sparks.

-Susan Wicks

These poems bristle with the contained energy of conflicts that continue to shape who we are and impel what we do. The collection moves satisfyingly from wry observation – “at least nothing important got burnt / like Mother’s cello, or Father’s Steinway piano” (with its telling capital) – towards the uneasy peace of accepting that “destruction will do what it will do” and the discovery that poetry has the power to lay ghosts to rest – “I sat back, and watched what was here.”

-Andrew McCulloch, The Times Literary Supplement

These poems are full of situations redolent of grief and loss; yet they are far too vigorous to be depressing. The effect… is not of despair, but of rising to the occasion.

-Meg Crane, The Wilfred Owen Association

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